So my story...

Front-end development started for me when I drew my first red rectangle on a white document as a 16 year old guy. Funny, he? Not even a Hello world!

While I studied Interaction Design my curiosity for HTML and just simple CSS (and I'm not even that old) started to grow on me. I discovered the possibilities of what the web could bring.

At the age of 19 I followed my first internship at a company called Label A, where I started my internship as a designer. But I soon discovered that Front-end was more my area.

After having two 6-month internships at Label A they decided to keep me around. Two contracts later, I decided I was ready for some change. Which led me to where I am today, at Super Interactive

My skillset

Now you're probably wondering, what can a guy like me do?

After I've installed the necessary packages with Yarn, I build my static HTML files in a BEM structure. This allows me to structure not only my markup but also my styles, which keeps everything organised and neat.

For more advanced projects (webapps) I use React with a variety of tools from the React ecosystem.

And once it's all done I keep my code safe on github. Are you curious about the code of this website? Check the code out here.