Diederik Eenschooten

Front-end Developer


Front-end Engineer

Within Secfi I'm part of team Ramen. We are constantly refining  our on-boarding process so new users can have the best experience from the very start. In addition, we create intuitive tools that ensure our clients have the necessary information to make decisions about their equity.

We develop these new tools with React, Typescript and Graphql / Apollo

Super Interactive

Front-end Developer

At Super Interactive we develop most of our websites in custom made WordPress themes or even custom made CMS systems made in the Laravel framework.

As a Front-end developer here, I try to use as many modern technologies. This includes React, and implement good practices like: ESlinting with Airbnb rules and ES6+ functions. This with the purpose of writing clean and maintainable code for further future development.

Brons + Tenkate

Front-end Developer

Brons & Ten Kate is a company that specialises in medical content websites. They make a lot of content based websites. These website needed support from IE8 + due the audience of the website.

Label A

Design / Front-end Developer

At Label A I started as a design intern back in 2014. After 6 months I had to front-end my first designed website for Label A and I actually enjoyed it more then designing itself.

Label A used a CMS called Mura, based on a language of Adobe (coldfusion). I was responsible for connecting the Front-End with the CMS.