Diederik Eenschooten

Front-end Developer

Super Interactive

Front-end Developer

At Super Interactive we develop most of our websites in custom made WordPress themes or even custom made CMS systems made in the Laravel framework.

As a Front-end developer here, I try to use as many modern technologies. This includes React, and implement good practices like: ESlinting with Airbnb rules and ES6+ functions. This with the purpose of writing clean and maintainable code for further future development.

Brons + Tenkate

Front-end Developer

Brons & Ten Kate is a company that specialises in medical content websites. They make a lot of content based websites. These website needed support from IE8 + due the audience of the website.

Label A

Design / Front-end Developer

At Label A I started as a design intern back in 2014. After 6 months I had to front-end my first designed website for Label A and I actually enjoyed it more then designing itself.

Label A used a CMS called Mura, based on a language of Adobe (coldfusion). I was responsible for connecting the Front-End with the CMS.